Like many creative people, I have a natural tendency to befriend other creative people, and then we have this perpetual loop of mutual admiration because we all love each other's work. It's fun. So here are links to the projects and productions of some of my favorite folks on the internet. (I will be adding more to this.)


This is a webcomic done by my pals Tracy and DeBray Bailey. It used to be about a houseful of anthropomorphic cats doing random things, but then they rebooted and changed the format and now instead it's a bunch of anthropomorphic cats following a coherent storyline. The older strips are accessible in the archive, though, and the humor still holds up. DeBray does the writing, Tracy does the art.

Traci Law Photography

Traci is someone I got to know through my insanely talented friend Daniela Stinger (who, alas, does not yet have a website of her own). Traci is an actress and a photographer who has published books and does spooky things with haunted places. Her photos are amazing.

Average Gamer

This is the website of Nick, one of my fellow gamer-writers from Indie Game Magazine, where he talks about his opinions on the gaming industry beyond indie. Nick is also one half of Eye of the Beholder Designs, a chain mail jewelry company run by his wife, and I really want some of those pieces.


This is the blog of Luke, another one of the IGM team. Like Nick, he talks about things related to non-indie gaming, like news and opinions. Both of these guys know their stuff.

The Dead Divide Us

I met Vincent Tobia at the Lehigh Valley Comic-Con and we traded info about our respective work. Really nice guy! His book is great, too, check it out if you're into horror!